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Brother In The White House

The current president of the United States of America won the ballots on Nov 4th. This made Barack Obama the first Black President of the United States. I woke the next morning with thoughts of this achievement.

Head Up

This poem was written in my early stage of Self searching… sharing my thoughts on the process… because it’s not an easy road yet it is an easy road! Head Up It’s been said that if you can look up then you can get up… and if you can get up then you can lift your arms in praise and …

Little Hummingbird

I took a trip to my home island Grenada for the first time by my Self… usually I am accompanied by family this time I went solo… and this time I toured the island and fell in love! The greenery the colors the people… this poem was written while sitting on a rock in front of a waterfall in Concord… …

The Path

The Path The road led deep into the forest Past the narrow opening between the trees and through the rustling leaves It was a windy road with many twists and turns Many detours and endless obstacles But the pathway carried all into the gathering of bark, grass and moss Which only grows on the north side The forest was a …

Days I Wonder Y

This was one of my early poems when I realized that I could put words to paper. There were a lot of things that I contemplated.


This poem was not written as a poem but written as a stream of thought. In hind sight… I was honing my ‘first thought theory’. It is meant to be read in a continuous stream without pause. Thoughts How small you can seem in one mans dream where cream and streams of sunbeams Beam passionately on the vascular anatomy anatomizing …

Dear Dad

My mom asked me to write a poem for father’s day and present it at her 1st annual Fathers Across Cultures gala. Her organizations’ aim is to bring recognition to fathers who are playing a role in their children’s lives and to nurture the potential fathers into a good role. Dear Dad Dear dad… After writing these words I’ve stopped …

Remember The Times

This poem was written for my Tribute To A KING® series dedicated to honoring the great men of music. The premier show was Sept 12th 2010 shortly after the birthday, Aug 29th of Michael Jackson who had died earlier that year. Remember The Times I remember the first man on the moon… I remember Martin Malcolm Marcus and Huey great …

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