This was one of my early poems when I realized that I could put words to paper. There were a lot of things that I contemplated.

Days I Wonder Y

There are days when I wonder: why?
Why I live?
Why I sing?
Why I laugh?
Why I cry?
There are days when I wonder if this is what God has intended
Life being so rough, rocky and mad twisted
The sun does peak, however, through the clouds at times
And I’m reminded that behind the dark clouds, the sun does shine
Life’s not always as bad as it seems
I guess that’s why God has given man the ability to dream
What are your dreams like?
Are they filled with lilies and clovers?
Do you dream of future endeavors?
Or, do you dream of eternal life with the Father?
I dream of peace of mind
Being ONE with the Father and ONE with mankind
I dream of tapping into the energies locked within
Of opening my minds eye and viewing beauty beyond the skin
Are you satisfied with the cards that you’ve been dealt?
Are you settling for what you have?
Who you are and nothing else?
What would happen if two souls were connected?
Two minds linked at the base?
And two dreams finally wedded?
I have one, but the real question is
Do you?
I can give you my answer, but tell me
Can you?

Copyright © by Al St. Louis, April 1998

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