I took a trip to my home island Grenada for the first time by my Self… usually I am accompanied by family this time I went solo… and this time I toured the island and fell in love! The greenery the colors the people… this poem was written while sitting on a rock in front of a waterfall in Concord… it was surreal! A hummingbird came right beside me as if I was part of the landscape… surreal!

Little Hummingbird

Hello my little humming bird
Have you come to bring fresh news?
As the scent that you exude
The fragrance of Love
Speak in my ear and lay wait awhile
A smile you bring with sunshine
You bring news, good news
Follow you by
With you you’ve brought butterfly and her graceful ways
I pray please wait a while
Whisper in my ear
Share with me the visions in your eyes
Sing to me the song in your heart
Play for me with the flap of your wing
But please I pray thee
Wait a while

Copyright © by Al St. Louis, Oct 2003

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