The Path

The road led deep into the forest
Past the narrow opening between the trees and through the rustling leaves
It was a windy road with many twists and turns
Many detours and endless obstacles
But the pathway carried all into the gathering of bark, grass and moss
Which only grows on the north side
The forest was a frequent refuge for the runaway
Because in her bosom, in her belly she comforted all who needed escape
The pangs of the illusionary real world, the love and the hate, literally drove man insane
But as all go placidly amidst the noise and haste
In her womb we remember that there is peace in her silence
Her children know this
The birds, the squirrels the ants that gather their harvest to make their nest in her soil
They toil only to make peace with her and themselves
Oh to be like the creatures of the earth, living openly and honestly
Freely feeling God’s love and giving God love
In them, honor is found, love is found, knowledge wisdom and Overstanding is apparent
So to her the pathway leads
And in her the path is found.

Copyright © by Al St. Louis, Oct 2002

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