This poem was not written as a poem but written as a stream of thought. In hind sight… I was honing my ‘first thought theory’. It is meant to be read in a continuous stream without pause.


How small you can seem in one mans dream where cream and streams of sunbeams
Beam passionately on the vascular anatomy anatomizing
When the antagonizing yet harmonizing eloquence of the Creators presence
Exist in every ray shape and form doesn’t exist but the mist is no myth
Persist with insisting insistency
View through the red tape and through both gates whether pearled or “helled”
Because the path of man is not an easy road to travel
Graveled or paved monopoly or trouble just roll the dice and go straight to jail
No bail we’ve failed to free our minds leaving trails to find and traces to maps behind
Of how to bind and design in any way shape and form exist only to guide man through
To see that life continues beyond their physicality
Sexuality has no gender neither do courts have members and defenders for pastors
Reverends deacons and collector of tokens in a mans dream
Aren’t equal rights only a tool to equally right the wrongs that are rightfully equal and distributed in an unequal unrighteous system?
Things like alcohol, cigarettes, guns and condoms with holes
In every ghetto on every corner floor which lead to a higher birth rate, but lower populace
Is this us? Guinea pig or Mickey Mouse still the same in the game in a man’s dream
Chasing the almighty dollar around that ferric-wheel
Cream, which is god in a world ruled by sense-less people is unequal
But in a mans mind dreams find their way to reality
Realizing wholeheartedly that life is more than it is cracked up to be
Cracked like the egg in the shell of the layer in the zone, o
Sooner or later something must go pop or rip
Whether corn or zip-lock bags
Torn from the inside of vegetated minds who’ve had enough or maybe not enough
Is enough is enough or do we stop at eight and wait expectantly for the hands to appear from the sky?
Good question

Copyright © by Al St. Louis, Mar 2003

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