Being familiar with the stage has made it easy for the transition from poet and performer to actor and star.

I had a burning desire from an early age to act, so in 2005 I made the decision! As an actor my goal is to bring the writers work to life while adding my own spice, essence, colors and freshness to the body of work. – Al St. Louis

Nothing so distinguishes great acting — in any style, in any historical period — than the feeling that the actor has the potential to ‘go off’ at any moment, and to unleash an explosion — a flood of lava, that will be totally uncontrolled and uncontrollable. Great Acting always dances with danger! – Robert Cohen

With Othello, Shakespeare posed this problem of a black man in a white society in the role that he’s playing. And Shakespeare gave Othello such dignity – he came not from – as he said – not from hate but from honor, from a sense of his own human dignity. And to me, to my mind, there could be no greater character played. – Paul Robeson

Al St. Louis :: actor | poet | spoken word artist | motivational educator
"The Time To Act Is Now."