My name is Azhar Khan and I attend Erindale Secondary School. I attended your session on friday with my class. It was magnificent. Some of the things you said in there and some of the things that were said by the students really gave me a wider view of what people think. And if what you wrote really what you think and believe, then Mr. Louis, I have great respect for you. – Azhar Khan, Student, Erindale Secondary School

Awsum time was had by all when u came in to calc that day dude. It’s really rare when a Guest connects with the crowd especially so quickly. You have alot of deep thought stuff to talk about, i find that intense. Its all in the way u perform it – Tyler Wilson – Student, CALC

I have been part of your mailing list since you came to perform at Humber last year. I LOVE getting your emails but have never taken the time to thank you for them. You make me think about things that I normally wouldn’t even notice in the world. I read your newsletters and feel so inspired. I write poetry after your weekly submissions because they really touch me. I really just wanted to say thank you for doing you. You are a very talented man and have a talent the world needs right now. – Dahab Hagos, Humber College

I attended your speaking workshop. It was amazing. You truly have talent. Very inspiring. – Frankie Leez – CALC Student

Al is a powerful speaker, he seriously lighted up my life and gave me so much to think about. I was so amazed by his soul and his words. Congratz Al, You made me realize what I need to do. – Justinn Worrie – St. Edmund Campion Secondary School

I took part of your spoken word workshop last May I think it was, at the Center for the Arts… it was a Shakespeare soliloquy workshop as well. I actually just recently performed the poem I wrote for your workshop, “The Way We Sway”, at my school talent show, in front of 200 people. It was immeasurably empowering; the second I stepped onto the stage & into the spotlight, I felt like I was home. Where I should be… I strongly believe that I belong in this world of passionate performance. I owe it all to you Mr. St. Louis for opening my eyes and a whole new world to me. THANK YOU! – Emily Kedar

Hey ! You were amazing ! You truly inspired me! You’re the next barak obama!
– Sarah, Cobourg District Collegiate Institute


Al St. Louis’ workshops and performances have a far reaching affect on all present. While his message touches the lives of students, it concurrently inspires teachers, principals and other faculty members who observe and often participate in the workshop along with the students. They see the value of Al’s unique approach and have observed positive after-effects on the children, in the classroom and otherwise.

Here are a few testimonials Al has received from staff members of various schools he has conducted workshops and performed at:

….I truly remember a wonderful and inspirational day for our students… I hope you would bring your same message of optimism, grabbing onto life for everything it’s worth and “…..freedom is knowing where you stand.” I have quoted you many times since. – Laina Andrews, Secondary Principal, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

I found the assemblies very inspiring. The following day we had discussions in my classes about their impressions about the assembly, and the students had many positive things to say! We ended up having a great talk about life, fears and dreams. We were inspired! – Emily Rodriguez, Teacher, East York Collegiate

I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your recent visit to Gordan A Brown Middle School. I really enjoyed listening to you speak. I think that it is so wonderful that you are committed to sharing your experiences to help motivate children. This is my first year teaching in this community; my experience prior to this was among a very affluent population. It was a culture shock for me at first, but I am enjoying it and find it quite rewarding. One of the biggest differences I have come to recognize in just a short period of time is their need for guidance and understanding. It is so important that these kids have people to look up to and have positive role models in their lives…your caring is much appreciated. You are doing an amazing job!!! – Lori, Teacher, Gordan A. Brown Middle School

When Al comes on stage to perform, you can hear a pin drop. He has every single person’s undivided attention and takes them on a journey of words that ends in the most explosive round of applause. One of the things people don’t understand is just how strong of a performer you must be in order to be a successful spoken word artist. Al has this incredible ability to grab his audience from the first word to the last. One of CBC Radio’s mandates is to introduce Canadians to new artists we think will eventually create an impact on the national arts scene. Al St. Louis is definitely one of those people. – Claudia Garcia de la Huerta, Producer/Host, Big City, Small World CBC Radio One 99.1 Toronto

I have never seen our students so completely engaged and moved by a speaker/performer. Time and again, Al has enriched the atmosphere of our school, motivated budding artists and inspired our young writers. – Gina Thurston, CALC

Al St. Louis makes a difference in the lives of the students he encounters. – Susan Siegal, Burnhamthorpe CI

He is a talented artist and an inspiring speaker who has an amazing ability to connect with young people. – Natasha Serba, Pearson CI

Al St. Louis is a POWERFUL speaker. He has the ability to reach and teach and knows exactly how to bring out the best in his students! – Garnett Manning, Former City Councilor of Brampton

Al St. Louis :: actor | poet | spoken word artist | motivational educator
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