I found this art… or rather… this art found me!

At my whit’s end with me… with life… I felt I had nowhere to turn, so I got on my knees that night and I just started writing.  That was in 1998.  What happened that night was me finally expressing a part of me that was dying… a part that needed to breathe…  needed to be breathed upon.  Now I write poetry for a living so we can breathe.

There are no bounds with spoken word… no limits… the art form is found in every genre… whether contemporary, classic, freestyle… you name it!  If you watch it feel it hear it… spoken word is in it.

Knowing this I have realized that spoken word is the medium from which change will come… and I plan on being the catalyst for this change!

Debut Album Will Be Available On All Favorite Streaming Sites April 2017

Al St. Louis :: actor | poet | spoken word artist | motivational educator
"The Time To Act Is Now."